Tummy Tuck- Mommy Makeover Specials

Abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) surgery is one of the most common procedures we perform at Mommy Makeover Utah, and one that many patients feel especially passionate about. After pregnancy, the skin and tissue of the abdomen can stretch out and a woman can be left with an undesirable bulge around her midsection. Abdominal muscles can also weaken or separate, making the situation even worse. A tummy-tuck, or “mini-tummy tuck” (what we call a modified abdominoplasty) can give you a flatter, firmer stomach. Your clothing will fit better and be more flattering.Find expert advice about mommy makeover specials read here.

What can a tummy tuck address?

If you any of the following apply to you, you may be a good candidate for a Utah tummy tuck:

-A stable body weight, but still have a protruding midsection

-Excess abdominal fat under the skin,(not internal fat)

-Difficulty reducing the size of the tummy through good diet and exercise

-Sagging skin on the tummy from significant weight loss

-Sagging skin on the tummy from past pregnancy

Utah Tummy Tuck Surgery – what is it like?

Tummy tuck surgeries are often performed under general anesthesia. Sometimes, a “mini” tummy tuck may be performed using local anesthesia with sedation. Our surgical techniques are tailored to your unique goals and anatomy, and involve a combination of removing excess fat and skin and tightening the underlying abdominal muscles. Sometimes, liposuction is used to eradicate excess fatty tissue and give you a smooth, natural silhouette throughout the torso.

What is the scar like?

The incision will be hidden precisely below your bikini or underwear line. While the scar is relatively inconspicuous, it often extends to both sides of the hips. The scar will be most prominent immediately after surgery, but should fade out over time and become less apparent. A mini or ‘modified’ tummy tuck may be performed for those with less tissue to remove. That approach will result in a shorter scar. Our Utah plastic surgeons are proficient in multiple abdominoplasty techniques. We will recommend the approach that would be the best route to achieve your goals. In recent years, we’ve been able to use technique modifications that have allowed us to eliminate the use of annoying ‘drains’ post-surgery, by nearly eliminating the incidence of fluid accumulation after surgery.

What should I expect after the surgery?

Tummy tucks involves muscular reshaping, so abdominoplasty is one of the more involved plastic surgery procedures. Full recovery may take several weeks, depending on the individual and the extent of the surgery. If you have stronger abdominal muscles your recovery may be shorter, as your body more easily adapts. It is a very good idea to start a workout regimen in order to achieve the best results.