Details about DIAVHT

The Projector or Video Screen
These systems are centred around a projector that displays information on a screen that must have sufficient brightness and processing power for the tasks it will be employed for. There is the question of whether the best solution should incorporate front or rear projection. Applications may range from the display of simple text to widescreen movies, so the selection of the most appropriate projector requires careful consideration.

The Sound System
Besides the issue of the projector, the matter of the sound system needs to be considered. Numerous factors need to be taken into account, how large is the room? What are the acoustics like? Is there a need for audience participation? How can feedback be eliminated? The audio aspect of the audio visual solution is often ignored, but it shouldn’t be – it plays a vital part in the effectiveness of training and presentations. By clicking here we get info about

The Control System
The next part of the equation is the control system, the system that holds all the pieces together to allow for that truly professional presentation. In some cases these control systems can be simple, but in other cases an array of mixers and other controls will be required, the level of complexity of course depending on just what sort of “show” is required.

Specialist Furniture
Another consideration is the requirement for furniture. Does the functionality of the room require the for a presenter or lecturer to address the audience – if so they will need a lectern. Depending on audience size and application the lectern may be required to house an array of built-in components such as microphones, PC connection points, preview monitor, touchscreen display etc. If the application incorporates rear projection then a bespoke media wall designed to blend in with the room and to hide all of the audio visual equipment might be the ideal solution.

Static or Mobile?
One major issue is the location of the “show”, is the installation permanent or is the whole show to move. Is it a one off, or will it be shown again and again in different places. Each of these requires a different approach and different equipment, and a different set of skills in the installation and support.

Support the Vital Ingredient
From all the above it is quite clear that anyone thinking of installing an audio visual (av) system needs expert help. They need help in choosing the right projector, the right sound system, the right control system, the right furniture, and of course they need help in ensuring that the installation is correctly carried out and that the right level of support is in place.

Following the installation, support becomes the vital part of the equation as any one who has suffered a blown bulb in the middle of a presentation will tell you. Keeping equipment in tip-top order to ensure maximum reliability and prolong the life of the equipment.

The number of companies supplying this sort of service is lower than you might think, many companies in reality being just “box shifters” who cannot offer the level of assistance and knowledge required to choose just the right set of equipment, and can certainly not offer any installation services and rudimentary support at best.

Therefore when selecting a supplier for your audio visual system choose one with a proven track record who can point to many previous installations (of all types and sizes), that have CTS qualified Infocomm trained engineering staff and a string of happy customers, a company like Reflex.